What sets us apart

Value-Based Pricing Value-Based Pricing

We sell intellectual capital rather than the time spent on your case. You buy outcome, not our time, so you pay for the value received.

With more than a decade experience in servicing business clients, our rock-solid conviction is that charging by the hour misaligns the clients’ and the lawyers’ interests, tempting lawyers to be inefficient. For this reason we developed our value-based pricing model, based on flat rate fee, monthly retainer, capped fee and success pricing options.

Value-Based Pricing options

Flat Rate Fee

Matching the value of the task with a fixed price

We use this pricing option when the scope of work and the clients’ objectives are well-definable, and there are only few unpredicted factors (third-party risks, etc.). We offer fixed price even for handling various litigation matters.

Phase-Based Fees

Breaking down the risk into small parts

The end of a longer project is sometimes unforeseeable, but there are always important milestones along the way. By breaking down the case into more small phases and matching each of them with a fixed-fee proposal, we decrease your risk and make your spending more predictable.

Fixed Fee with collar

Sharing the risks with you

This fee option anticipates the situation when the actual required amount of work is far less or far greater than what was initially thought. A fixed price is set for the legal fees and a range is set around that fixed price: the collar. If the fees spent on the matter fall within that collar, the fixed price is the amount to be billed. If the fees spent on the matter fall outside the collar, the upside and downside risk will be shared between both parties.

Monthly Retainer

If you need continuous support

Our corporate clients who need constant legal support in their daily operation choose this pricing option. The retainer is calculated to equate to the average value of the legal work over a prolonged period.

Capped Fee

Combining flat rate fee with hourly rate

We never use purely hourly rate, but sometimes the work volume is unpredictable, and the outcome depends on too much uncontrollable factors. In this case we use this pricing option where the “Cap” guarantees that you never pay more than the ceiling agreed before.

Success Fee

We laugh together, we cry together

We combine the previous pricing models with an upside component payable only for a successful result. This pricing rewards our efficiency and the favourable outcome for you.

Our pricing principles

  • Transparency
  • Cost certainty
  • Flexibility

Before choosing the pricing model, we sit down with you to define the scope of work, the expected outcome, the value that the preferred outcome represent for you, and the unpredictable factors connected to the case.

After that we propose one of our pricing options, or a combination of them.