Sector Expertise

Service Industry

Since the launch of our firm, we have had the opportunity to advise businesses that provided a wide variety of services, be it accounting, consultancy, education, eldercare, healthcare, IT, insurance, online business and finance platforms, leisure & entertainment, e-sports, flight compensation, residential & industrial leasing, music production, just to name a few.

We are ready to advice you in connection with a wide range of matters, such as

  • protecting your interests with fine-tailored business and other contracts;
  • drafting & negotiating long-term supply contracts, licensing & outsourcing agreements;
  • ensuring the enforceability of GTCs and other contracts of the company;
  • weighing your legal risks on terms of sale and warranties;
  • protecting trade secrets and IP, trademark matters, know-how
  • data protection, GDPR compliance
  • negotiating sales terms, including long term and special pricing agreements, exclusivity, minimum order, etc.

Our track record proves that we are always open to new areas and ready to widen our horizons, which resulted in successful cooperations with many different types of businesses.

  • drafting general terms and conditions in B2B and in B2C relations
  • GDPR compliance of companies in the service industry
  • representation in front of authorities and in litigations & arbitrations