• “Holistic, quick and precise guidance.”

    Tamas Aradi
    Innight Hungary Express Kft.
    Managing Director

  • “Excellent service in various legal matters.”

    Paul Taylor
    Dir. Int’l Finance & Admin.
    The Carlstar Group Ltd.

  • “Quick and reliable professional service.”

    Szabolcs Palasthy
    Country Sales Director
    Fabory Fasteners Ltd

  • “A great help for our business.”

    Peter John Bowser
    Managing Director


As you navigate the sea of business ownership, there might be situations where there is no other solution, and you have to pursue your rights or defend your interests before the relevant courts.

By understanding the pressures you are under, we will guide you through each stage of the legal process, providing strategic advice and helping you avoid the pitfalls and traps along the road.

When the domestic remedies are exhausted or they are ineffective, we act on behalf our clients in front of the European Courts of Human Rights in Strasbourg, to obtain redress.

We have represented our clients with success in the following business disputes:

  • Breach of international sales contract
  • Breach of construction contract under FIDIC regime
  • Non-compete covenants and unfair competition
  • Complex commercial finance litigation against banks
  • Post-closing disputes
  • Real estate and landlord-tenant disputes
  • Asset recovery, debt management
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