17 August 2017

Many are already familiar with the so called client gate and use it on a daily basis, it may be new that now the companies are required to register their own “gates” called company gate. The registration portal is already available and companies are obliged to make the registration until 30th August 2017. However, a grace period until the end of this year is provided and until this date companies can live a gate-free life. After 1st January 2018 those companies who have not entered the gate can expect sanctions. In this short article, we tell you what exactly is the company gate and how you can make the registration.

What is the purpose of the company gate?

From 1st January 2018 companies are obliged to communicate with state organs (authorities, courts) electronically. This means that on the one hand, authorities will send the official documents to the companies electronically and on the other hand, companies shall forward their requests, claims etc. to them also via electronical channels.

That is what the company gate stands for, it is literally a virtual mailbox. The company gate is more than a simple e-mail address as it is a safe, official virtual storage, to which only our company’s authorized colleagues will have access.

It shall be mentioned that there are presumptions in relation with the receipt and the date of receipt of the official documents sent to the company gate, like in the case of the traditional postal services. For example, if we fail to take over the document after the second notification, it shall be regarded as received on the 5th working day after the day of the second notification.


As we mentioned in the introduction, companies shall register their company gates until 30th August 2017. The virtual storage will be attached to the official e-mail address chosen by the company and this e-mail address shall be registered in the company register. For the registration of the e-mail address in the company register no further procedure is necessarily needed: if we declare so, the storage provider will automatically inform the company court about the official e-mail address.

It is already possible to request the registration of the e-mail address in the company register and it is mandatory until 1st January 2018.

In case the company fails to make the registration until the above deadline, it faces a company supervisory procedure by the company court and in the framework of the procedure huge fines or in worst case scenario, the termination of the company.

Who can have access to the company gate?

Since it shall be presumed that the documents arrived to and sent from the company gate have been taken over and sent by an authorized person, it is important to clarify who can have access to the company gate in our company’s organization.

The person who will have full access to the company gate is the so called company gat agent: he will handle the administrative tasks in connection with the company gate thus he can register further colleagues who will have access to the company gate. The company gate agent may be the general manager of our company, but is not necessary, the general manager can appoint other colleagues to handle the company gate. Only one company gate agent can be appointed at a company.

The company gate agent however can register more assistants and later it will be possible to provide different access levels: for example, we can limit the access of our accountant to the documents sent by the tax authority.

How can we make the registration?

The company gate registration can be made on the following webpage:

The general manager of our company can make the registration on a quite user-friendly online space. In this case no further documents (eg. specimen of signature) shall be attached, the system will verify the data from the company register.

It is important to know that the person who makes the registration shall authorize himself with his client gate access or with his electronic ID-card. Thus, if the general manager does not have client gate (eg. he does not live in Hungary), unfortunately he will not be able to make the registration.

If, because of the above mentioned reasons, not the general manager will make the registration, it cannot be made on the online space but through an electronic form. In this case it will be necessary to attach some documents, like the scanned version of our company extract and the power of attorney given by the general manager to the person who makes the registration.

After the successful registration, the system will issue a certification about the registration which will be forwarded to the e-mail address of the general manager and / or the company gate agent.

In case you have any questions or concerns with the registration procedure, please contact our team.