02 December 2016

Our law firm is the member of an international law firm association called International Law Firms (ILF). The goal of this organization is to improve the service of independent smaller and mid-sized law firms serving their clients’ needs in cross border business legal issues. Every year there are annual and regional conferences where we can share our experiences, meet new people, new viewpoints, and make our community better.



This year the annual conference was held in Guangzhou, China. The Koo Fa Law Firm put much effort to organize a professional and successful conference. The interest shown towards this conference was surprisingly high, as lawyers from 20 countries gathered to attend the event.

Apart of the official reports regarding the operation of the organization, and knowing other law firms better, we got the chance to introduce the legal system and our law firm to potential Chinese clients.


In our introduction we concentrated on the Chinese-Hungarian business and legal connections, that caused surprise among Chinese businessmen. Hungary has 60 bilateral investment treaties and 80 double tax conventions and other agreements, and considering that the 74% of the Chinese business investment goes to Hungary among the V4 countries, we can say without hesitation that Hungary represents the flagship of china in the Central Eastern Europe region.

Of course these facts can be interesting, but maybe not convincing enough for a new investor, so we explained three important reasons for Chinese investors to come to Hungary:

  • the Hungarian Government supports foreign investors with great incentives
  • Hungary has a very favourable “tax climate”
  • our country offers a highly-skilled, yet affordable workforce.

We concentrated on explaining legal topics without going into difficult details and legal terms, and we received an outstanding attention from the audience.

We had also the opportunity to meet clients personally one by one, and they could also explain their work field and needs.

The conference was held in a very friendly atmosphere from the beginning to the end, where all of us could improve our skills in networking and improving professional relations.