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Through the client testimonials and case studies that we publish on this page, we would like to illustrate our professional abilities, proactive approach and our determination for creative solutions.

  • "Legal professionals with strong business orientation – good value for money!"

    SMARTLEGAL Schmidt & Partners is a long-term supplier of legal services for us, both in employment, and commercial law.

    Richard and his team represented us in litigations in multiple disputes in front of Hungarian courts. They are capable to support with compliance topics as well. Everybody in the law firm is very professional and speaks fluent English which is important for us as we operate globally. Additionally, it is great to see how junior team members grow into experts who understand how our business operates. Legal professionals with strong business orientation - good value for money!

    Tyco Electronics Hungary Kft.

    Jana Strizova

    Senior Legal Counsel

    Tyco Electronics Hungary Kft.


  • "Fighting shoulder-to-shoulder in many court and arbitration cases with success!"

    I met Richard in 2010 when we launched our company with an M&A transaction where he provided us legal support. We found the common language in the first minute.

    The professional knowledge of Richard and his team is proven by the huge number of cases that we closed successfully through more than a decade.

    After fighting shoulder-to-shoulder in many court and arbitration cases with success, I can say that it is very important that I can turn to them with legal problems not only in logistics, transportation but in employment and commercial matters, as well.

    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics CEP Kft.

    Zoltán Csombok

    Managing Director CEP RO&HU

    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics CEP Kft.


  • "Tailored-made set of contracts for a newly established IT company"

    Our company launched in Hungary in 2022, we needed contracts with international suppliers, customers, and with employees. All these documents had to be created in a short time, in two languages - English and Hungarian. I contacted SMARTLEGAL and I am very pleased with the cooperation. The contracts were drafted professionally, I feel confident when I use them.

    I also received legal opinion on corporate governance issues, explaining complex issues in a simple way.

    Each time I am happy to work with the SMARTLEGAL team - they are both professionals in their field, and very pleasant, erudite and energetic people, with whom it is a pleasure to work.

    I wholeheartedly highly recommend Smart Legal.

    Polytech Software Ltd.

    Tsulaia Iryna

    Managing Director

    Polytech Software Ltd.


  • "Easy communication, excellent service!"

    Setting up a Hungarian subsidiary of our Dutch company was made easy with professional experience and swift communication of the SMARTLEGAL team.

    ViaEurope International B.V.

    Stephan Asbreuk

    Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

    ViaEurope International B.V.

    The Netherlands


  • "Professional and dedicated to the case!"

    Since we could not find an amicable agreement with our, now former, business partner in Hungary, the latter filed a court trial against Cablex. We contacted several law firms to help us with this case, but SMARTLEGAL Schmidt & Partners was the only one to state concretely and objectively what was the probability to win the case and what were the risks. All other firms, which we contacted, said that we would not have big chances to win, despite the fact that Cablex has respected all its agreements and Hungarian legislation. With the help of SMARTLEGAL, Cablex proved its right and won the case. We recommend SMARTLEGAL Schmidt & Partners as a serious and reliable legal support in legal disputes in Hungary.

    S. Prodan

    Investment Manager



  • "Didn’t make a mistake by choosing them!"

    We made careful research to find a local law firm to represent us in an international arbitration case in Hungary. It may safely be said that we didn’t make a mistake by choosing SMARTLEGAL Schmidt &Partners. They are professional lawyers, who understand the roots of the problem, raise and answer all the important questions, give recommendations, and most importantly, win the case.

    OZPV Company<br />Official trade representative of<br />KUSHVA ROLL MANUFACTURING FACTORY

    A. Petrov


    OZPV Company
    Official trade representative of



  • "Reliable and serious support in Hungary."

    After few bad experiences with other law firms, we found in SMARTLEGAL Schmidt & Partners a reliable and serious support in Hungary, who brought us to win our cross-border litigation with a Hungarian soft drink company.

    E. Mazzini

    Export & Key Account Manager

    Cantine Brusa SPA

    Toscanella, Italy


  • "Recovered 100% of the debt!"

    We faced with the risk to write off a big portion of outstanding debt in Hungary. The Law Firm assessed the situation very correctly, started cross-border litigations with good timing, and ultimately achieved to recover 100% of the debt. The lawyers are alert, communicate clearly, efficiently and fast. It was a pleasure to work with them!

    Jürg Stäuble

    CEO & Director

    Copaz T&T Consulting AG

    Zurich, Switzerland


  • "Solved the case so smoothly."

    We have been facing long term payables from a Hungarian customer, but the Law Firm could collect the whole debt by finding the right legal path. We have been informed continuously in all details. We highly appreciate their professional approach to solve the case so smoothly.

    Stefan Marcinek

    commercial director

    IMET-TEC, a.s.



  • "Trustworthy lawyers!"

    When I was confronted with the fact that I have to start legal action in Hungary, I was 100% sure it will represent a huge problem with everything from the local court system all the way to costs and communication. Not only they did win the case, but all the time they provided answers and solutions to everything, making things easy for us. Definitely trustworthy lawyers!

    Gefil S.A.

    Horia Prodan


    Gefil S.A.


  • "Clear answers, pragmatic advices"

    Richard represented us in an international arbitration, in relation with our construction project in Hungary. From the very beginning, we could work as a team, and his clear answers, pragmatic advices together with a deep knowledge of the legal environment have led us to success. l hope to have the opportunity to work again with him in the future!

    Juan Decastelli

    Chief Financial Officer

    Demont S.r.l.


  • "Easy communication, excellent result!"

    Thanks to their clear and fast understanding of the problem, the provision of several solutions, the constant communication with us and the joint planning of further actions, we could timely collect the whole debt. Thank you for the easy communication and excellent result!

    Nanotechnology Center of Composites LLC

    Vladimir Sadkovich

    Head of legal department

    Nanotechnology Center of Composites LLC



  • "Always fast and professional!"

    We always get fast and professional legal advice from Smartlegal. Being member of a multinational company group we instructed more law firms in the past, but we have not yet collaborated with one, who could promptly help us in various business matters, like our expansion in Romania, or contracting with a nuclear plant.

    László Szász

    National Operations Manager

    Cromwell Tools


  • "Excellent service in various legal matters."

    They provided our company excellent service in various legal matters from company formation to employment law matters.

    They are very professional, efficient but more importantly, as a foreigner doing business in Hungary, they understand the differences between International and Hungarian law so provided us with an invaluable guide through the process.

    Paul Taylor

    Dir. Int’l Finance & Admin.

    The Carlstar Group Ltd.


  • "Holistic, quick and precise guidance."

    Given the current economic environment the right decisions are unquestionable advantages. The wide range of the Law Firm’s professional services and know-how is the basis of our good decision pledge.

    Innight Hungary Express Ltd.

    Tamas Aradi

    Managing Director

    Innight Hungary Express Ltd.


  • "High quality legal support."

    High quality legal support is indispensable for the long term and stable operation of a business. We receive this from the Law Firm.

    They provide quick and reliable professional service, which is a basis if our decision making.

    Szabolcs Palasthy

    Country Sales Director

    Fabory Fasteners Ltd.


  • "The good contract protects both parties and you never have to use it!"

    Due to the effective, flexible and professional assistance of the law firm we succeeded to close an international machine supply contract in record time. The key of success is the effective communication of the law firm with the partner’s lawyers.

    Laszlo Reszegi

    President of Board

    Budaval Ltd.


  • "Very active in the execution."

    We contacted the office to create a subsidiary in Hungary. They advised us on the establishment and they were very active and responsive in the execution. They also inform us about the legal developments that have any effect on our business.

    RHExpat SAS / RHExpat Hungary SARL

    Damien Labdouche


    RHExpat SAS / RHExpat Hungary SARL


  • "Well prepared, smart, conscientious and flexible. With style and humour."

    If we forget that we were defendant in that given case, working with Richard was definitely pleasant, almost fun. Our good mood was well supported by the fact that the case, not simple at all, was won both on first and second instance.

    László Szászkő

    HAT Márka Művek

    Budapest, Hungary


  • "We could create our Hungarian subsidiary in less than 24 hours!"

    We had to set up a local structure in Hungary, but had only 2 days for the formalities. We met Richard at 2 p.m for the first time and next day we could sign all the company documents. Richard also helped us lot concerning the Hungarian labor law. He is a professional I strongly recommend!

    Stéphane G.

    President, Founder




  • "We planned to write off the debt, but you collected a big part of it."

    We planned to write off the debt, but in the end, due to you professionalism, we managed to collect a big part of it. You have what a good law firm should have: knowledge and seasoned experience, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness!

    Zeritis Group

    Konstantinos Karagiannis

    Group CFO

    Zeritis Group



  • "Fast, clear, simple!"

    We were setting up web-shops in 5 countries with 5 law firms at same time, but cooperation with you was the best! Fast, clear, simple... Thank you for that.

    Daniel Rymes


    Imortex s.r.o.

    Czech Republic


  • "Accurate, clear and reasoned legal advice."

    I was positively impressed by your approach to our questions and the strategy advises. You provided accurate, clear and reasoned legal advice, which allowed our company to take appropriate business decisions.

    Andrius Petravičius

    Division Manager Legal and Cargo Claims

    Girteka Logistics



  • "They provided us with those essentials, which are indispensable to enter the Hungarian market."

    The Law Firm assisted us in our project to form a company in Hungary and recommended a structure tailored to our needs. They provided us with the essentials that are indispensable to manage our company and enter the Hungarian market with the best conditions.

    Thierry B.

    Owner&Managing Director

    Manzard Ltd.

  • "Helped us resolving legal disputes and strengthening our client relations."

    Our Hungarian company has two activities: distribution of French marques in Eastern Europe and fabrication of high-end clothing lines. The deep knowledge of European law and the reactivity of the Law Firm helped us resolving legal disputes and strengthening our client relations.

    Eppe ROCH

    Owner&Managing Director

    MAGLIA 2000 SARL