What sets us apart

Smart Document Store Smart Document Store

We do not want to charge you any hourly rate for data filling and for other no hard-core legal job, because it would run counter our core values.

At the same time we do not want you or your colleagues to use document samples from uncontrolled sources, just downloaded somewhere from the web.

So we developed and keep updated the SMART DOCUMENT STORE.

We believe that smart clients can handle their simple legal cases on their own, if they have solid background support in the form of sample documents and templates.

In the SMART DOCUMENT STORE we gather the key documents that you need in order to run your business efficiently. Here are some examples of the legal document templates that we make available to you online:

  • Corporate law document samples (minutes of meeting, share transfer agreements, etc.)
  • Labour law document templates (sample labour contract, contract modification, etc.)
  • Business documents samples (notice letters, warning letters, sales and purchase contract, etc.)

Enter Smart Document Store

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