International Law Firms

We are active member of International Law Firms (ILF) an association of independent law firms around the world.

Founded in 1998, ILF has grown to include approximately 70 firms from 50 countries worldwide.

The size of ILF's members fosters close personal and professional relationships between member firms. ILF members value these personal relationships because clients can be recommended to associated firms in other locations with complete confidence.

ILF members are highly-regarded small to mid-sized law firms offering a full range of quality corporate and commercial services at reasonable rates.

AEA International Lawyer Network

We are members of AEA International Lawyer Network

The AEA is an international network of offices situated all over the world. The AEA covers all the 193 countries that are in the United Nations.

The AEA has the most prestigious and important offices in each country within its group along with the best professionals. The network was founded in the European Union and with time has been growing and expanding to a more global scale, starting with the European countries that were not part of to the European Union and then expanding to countries in America, Asia and Africa.

In most of the countries all the larger cities have AEA offices, and some cities have more than one. The offices had been chosen rigorously following the criteria the AEA require, professionalism, competence and effectiveness of each professional chosen.